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Watch us play Black Ops 2's new map pack Vengeance

Live from 5pm BST.

Happy Gran Turismo 6 day! I'm sitting here wearing my special racing boots, practising heel and toe on the Thrustmaster pedals underneath my desk as I count down the hours to 5pm when I can finally play a slice of Polyphony's latest. Lord I wish I was joking. The Gran Turismo 6 demo isn't the only notable download today, of course, and there are probably a fair few of you who don't go all dewy-eyed at the scent of burning rubber getting excited about something else entirely. So, to you: happy COD BLOPS 2 DLC day!

Vengeance is the latest map-pack, boasting such one-word wonders as Cove, Rush, Uplink and Detour. That's a sexy sounding lot. Ian Higton's not so bothered about cars so he's going to be the man diving into the latest lot of DLC from 5pm BST, and you can join him in his adventures here. You can also run around after him in the game if you so desire: send a message to the gamertag 'Platform32' and he'll see if he can squeeze you in.

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We've plenty more videos and livestreams planned over the coming days. If you want to find out about them without having to scroll through my interminable waffle, head to Eurogamer's YouTube channel and kindly subscribe. Thanks much!

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