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Here's more than 15 minutes of new Elden Ring gameplay

Magic! Multiplayer! World map!

From Software's hugely-anticipated Elden Ring was shown off again today in nearly 20 minutes of new gameplay footage, which revealed the open world Souls-like in new detail.

We saw glimpses of the game's Breath of the Wild-like open world, including a ubiquitous shot stood on a cliff. There was also combat against a giant dragon, and a friendlier encounter with a creature that looked like a giant cooking pot.

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We got a look at Elden Ring's expansive map, which lets you use markers to note where enemies or points of interest might lie. Beacons placed on the map will show up in-game, as a visual guide to where you're headed.

Twitter account VGCartography has already pieced together what we saw in more detail:

Online multiplayer was shown, with cooperative, PVP and invasions all mentioned as different options. Combat against a mounted area boss was shown, with two players fighting magic attacks.

Catacombs and other dungeons lie underneath the world, filled with traps, bosses and treasure.

Towards the end of the gameplay, we were treated to the introduction of ally Melina - who you can get a statue of in the game's Collector's Edition. More on that below.

The footage wrapped up with a look at Stormveil Castle, a major dungeon location which seemingly has multiple routes of entry. Dialogue with an NPC suggests sneaking in a side route, rather than taking the main gates. This leads to a showdown with the castle's ruler - Goldrick the Golden - a monstrous man with a dozen or so arms and at least a couple of axes.

We also got a look at the game's special editions, which were already being advertised a little early on Twitch.

The standard Collector's Edition will include the game on a format of your choosing, a Steelbook case, a digital soundtrack, a 40-page artbook and a 9" statue of Malenia, Blade of Miquella. Oh, and it comes in a nice red box.

The Premium Collector's Edition, meanwhile will include all of that and a replica helmet, which is said to be 1:1 scale. How will you look wearing it? Elden Ring still has a 25th February release date.