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Watch: Star Wars Battlefront is a bit shallow (and that's alright)

Hoth or not.

No matter how many times I keep hammering away at the game on my PS4 dashboard it seems the Star Wars Battlefront beta is very much done and dusted, which is something of a shame. Opinion's been cleanly split on Dice's multiplayer-only foray into the much-loved space opera's universe, but I think I enjoyed its shallow thrills more than most. Yes it's all a bit dumb, but wasn't that always going to be the way when it comes to something as mass-market as Star Wars? Battlefield's bullets might win out over lasers and lightsabers, but I'm sure every one of us wants a bit of pew-pew fun every now and then.

Bertie and me got together to have a chat about how we felt after a handful of days in the beta, all of which is there for you to gander over in the lovingly presented video below.

Cover image for YouTube videoStar Wars Battlefront is a bit shallow (and that's a good thing)