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Watch five minutes of Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps gameplay

Capcom courts the e-sports crowd.

Capcom has released some new gameplay footage of Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps, the third-person multiplayer shooter spin-off of its popular horror series.

Capcom is clearly courting the e-sports crowd with the commentary here.Watch on YouTube

In a round of the game's One Life Match Mode we see a 3 vs 3 team-based deathmatch with no respawning and a three minute time-limit. As you can see, the zombies won't attack initially, but if you destory another player's "jammer" on their back it will draw the undead towards them. Another neat Resident Evil touch is opening shutters, something you do gradually. If a teammate is near you they can crouch down and shoot through the door while it's still being opened.

Capcom also shot a live-action trailer for Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps from Universal Studios Japan, where the publisher has an attraction set up.

For more on Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps, our Martin Robinson spoke to series producer Masachika Kawata on why Capcom decided to go the online shooter route with what was once a survival-horror series.

Watch on YouTube

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