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Resident Evil shooter Umbrella Corps slated for May

Single-player mode confirmed.

Resident Evil's shooter spin-off Umbrella Corps is now slated for a PS4 and PC digital release in May for £24.99 / €29.99 / $29.99, Capcom has announced.

Furthermore, the publisher just revealed its single-player mode The Experiment. This mode will be comprised of over 20 missions set in the same maps as the multiplayer. The Experiment won't grant you access to the Zombie Jammer, though, so the undead will naturally seek you out from the get go.

A couple of newly announced maps include the Ganado Village from the opening of Resident Evil 4 and the newly imagined Tricell organization HQ from Resident Evil 5. The former will contain everyone's favourite Spanish-speaking not-quite-undead, while the latter will throw zombie dogs into the mix.

Umbrella Corps' focus will be on up to six-player competitive multiplayer. Each stage will contain various Resident Evil foes wandering the map. These creatures will initially leave you be, but if your Zombie Jammer falters (as you take damage), they'll pile onto you.

"This isn't a shooter that's about leveling up your guns or experience points, it's more about your own skill level and creating the best strategy to eliminate your opponents so your team can be victorious," explained Capcom on its Unity Blog. "And of course there's plenty of Resident Evil-ness to go around."

Check out Umbrella Corps' latest maps and modes in the new trailer below:

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