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Watch Fallout 4 pit 30k Deathclaws against 300 Brotherhood of Steel soldiers

Everybody fights, no one quits.

Fallout 4 modder Cosmic Contrarian likes to create ridiculously epic NPC battles pitting thousands of characters against one another. The modder previously pitted 10k ghouls against 300 Super Mutants and 2k Mirelurks against 100 Minutemen. Now he's created his most gargantuan battle yet with 100 Brotherhood of Steel Soldiers facing off against a wave of 30k Deathclaws storming their homebase at the Cambridge Police Station.

As endless throngs of claws and teeth descend upon our power-armoured heroes it recalls the most thrilling setpiece of Starship Troopers. Cosmic Contrarian even does a great job editing these scenes to instill further drama into the back and forth of the ever-waging war for the wasteland.

Who do you reckon will win? And more importantly, what hypothetical battles would you like to see in the Commonwealth? I wouldn't be opposed to a colossal Dogmeat vs Synth rumble.

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