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Watch Dogs season pass includes story DLC, mini-game, weapons, outfits

Not coming to Wii U.

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Ubisoft has detailed the content included in Watch Dogs' upcoming season pass - the bulk of which is a new side-campaign featuring side-character T-Bone.

The dreadlocked accomplice of main character Aiden Pearce has his own playable missions, as revealed in a recent retailer listing.

There's plenty of other bits and pieces included in the season pass too, although none will be coming to the game's delayed Wii U version, a new trailer, below, confirms.

Season pass holders will get a new alternate reality Digital Trip mini-game, Conspiracy!, which sees players hunting down cyborgs, as well as "more single player missions, weapons and outfits".

All content will be available a week early to those with a season pass, and more than 25 per cent cheaper than buying each item individually.

See the content in action below.

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