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Watch Dogs Legion leak shows you playing as a cop, spy, football hooligan

Who takes less damage while drunk.

Newly-leaked screenshots from Watch Dogs Legion have shown off some of the speciality characters you'll be able to play as, such as a police officer, spy, and... a British football hooligan.

Legion is the upcoming third entry into Ubisoft's Watch Dogs series which moves the action to a post-Brexit London and lets you pick any member of its in-game populace to play as.

Screenshots posted to reddit by user joelioio suggest you're able to access police uniforms when playing as a cop, which may well prove useful, and perform an action named "Bail Out", which is described as a "Team Arrest Release".

As a dapper James Bond-esque spy you can wield a unique silenced pistol, jam enemy weapons with your spy watch and drive a spy car, which comes equipped with missiles and a cloak (Die Another Day, eat your heart out).

Finally, as a football hooligan, you can use the ability "Rally Cry" to call friends into a fight, and "Tough Drunk" to take less damage - presumably while bevvied up and guarding statues.

I played an early version of Watch Dogs Legion back at E3 2019 and while its recreation of a crisis-hit London was impressive, its main gimmick of being able to play as any in-game character felt a bit flat. In this demo, the most interesting NPC you could inhabit was a grandmother, who simply controlled a little slower to everyone else.

Since then, Legion was delayed for further work - its March 2020 release postponed indefinitely - and I've heard criticisms of its NPCs were taken on board.

We're likely to get an update on Ubisoft's progress with Watch Dogs Legion this Sunday during the company's not-E3 event. Here's hoping we get a new release date then, too.

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