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Watch: Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition returns us to a f**ked up world we'd forgotten about

Plus, 12 minutes of Duke Nukem's Bulletstorm Tour gameplay.

Bulletstorm was great. You likely remember the electric leash that allowed you to lasso enemies and then pull them in for some close-range, slow-mo punishment, but how about the broken door sporting a Red Ring of Death? This was a game with a very particular brand of humour.

A lot of the incidentals had disappeared from my memory though, so when I played through a couple of levels of the remastered campaign at a recent press event, it almost felt like I was playing through a brand new game.

In the video below, featuring gameplay from the PS4 build of Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, I show off some of the most f**ked up things I'd forgotten you could do in Bulletstorm, things that genuinely made me laugh out loud when I rediscovered them.

Be warned though - while I've tried to make it as safe for work as possible, there is some extended footage of a big fat arse farting fire somewhere around the 5 minute mark, so maybe cover your screen at that point. Enjoy!

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I also got the chance to play around with Duke Nukem's Bulletstorm Tour, a pre-order bonus that allows you to play through the whole campaign as the Duke himself.

Watch on YouTube

Excited for a return to the potty-humour and creative kills of Bulletstorm? Or does it now feel outdated? What do you reckon?

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