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Warhammer Quest iPhone and iPad game announced

Top-down strategy from the makers of Hunters. Teaser trailer inside.

The first Warhammer Quest screenshot.

Hunters developer Rodeo Games has announced Warhammer Quest for iOS, due out on iPhone and iPad spring 2013.

It's based on the 1995 Warhammer spin-off fantasy table-top game and features classic top-down turn-based strategy gameplay. A map discovery system will be used for travelling between towns and cities.

Warhammer Quest is being built on Rodeo's Taurus engine, the one used for Hunters 2. In it you control a party of four warriors in search of lovely treasure. You travel through the dungeons of the Old World battling beasts and all sorts. An early version of the game will be shown during Games Workshop's UK Games Day at the Birmingham NEC on Sunday 23rd September.

The Warhammer Quest table-top game launched in 1995 as the successor to Hero Quest.

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