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Virtua Fighter 5 dated

Launch title for Europe.

SEGA's keen to get people fighting as it announces a 20th February North American release date for Virtua Fighter 5, and confirmation that it will be a launch title when the console arrives in Europe this March.

Clearly in the yearly throes of festive abandon, SEGA has also updated its website for the game, reflecting the updated schedule aswell as adding news and other media to ogle.

Virtua Fighter 5 will be the PlayStation 3's first high-profile fighting title; boasting 17 fighters, next-gen graphics, customisation options, and the freedom to move around to the side and behind your opponents for more strategical options.

Among the cast of ruffians are two new faces. El Blaze is a Mexican wrestler with a mask and spandex thighs, then there's Eileen who has learnt the ancient style of "Monkey Kung-Fu". Obviously we don't look quite so silly now for believing Splinter from the Turtles was real.

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Virtua Fighter 5

PS3, Xbox 360

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