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Virtua Fighter 360 gets patch

Pest control. And new stuff.

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SEGA has tidied up some bits and bobs in Virtua Fighter 5 for Xbox 360.

The spattering of updates are available to grab from Live now, and cover all sorts from pants (you mean trousers you freakin' awesome) to rematches.

On the costume side of things you can now mix trousers and tops, and use additional downloadable items.

Replays of Live fights can be saved these days, you can have a rematch with someone even if they're not on your friends list, and connection speed now shows when people join your game. Gamer pictures will display properly as well.

Better still, when you win the World Tournament Final you are more likely to see non-defeated opponents in arcades. Like the one on Brighton Pier near that ride that makes us sick. Or the one on West Street with Daytona and old ladies and smelly men and tourists silly enough to go in.

Elsewhere some minor bug fixes and better ranking organisation.

Virtua Fighter 5 took a while to make its way to 360, eventually arriving last October, but still scored high thanks to some fresh additions and online battles. It has all the latest arcade changes, for starters, and a DOJO area to practice your punches.

All that's useless without performance enhancing gamer drugs, though.

Up, up, left, down, right to the Virtua Fighter 5 review to find out more.

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