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VF5 360 still summer

Sega overrides retailers.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sega has told Eurogamer this afternoon that, as far as it's concerned, Virtua Fighter 5 on Xbox 360 is still due out in summer.

It was speaking in the aftermath of various retailers changing their dates to later in the year. US outfit Gamestop has pushed its forecast back to October, while UK-based GAME reckons we'll see it in November. But both and believe it's 28th September that the game will be released. Which is somewhat confusing.

It's also still unclear what the difference will be between the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. We're not sure if Microsoft's fighter will boast the much coveted "Version C" arcade changes, optional analogue control, or improved A.I. And we also have a tiny torch burning for the inclusion of Live multiplayer. Make it so, Sega.

But, what we do know is that the two versions will look almost identical, as our tech-wizard Richard Leadbetter recently found out.

Head over to our PS3 review of the game to find out what you're waiting for.

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