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Sega announces a new Virtua Fighter project

But what exactly is it?

Sega has used a Tokyo Game Show-related stream to make the most welcome of announcements, with the unveiling of a new Virtua Fighter project. The only problem is, we're not entirely sure what it is just yet.

Sega CEO Haruki Satomi teased the project at the climax of a stream celebrating 60 years of Sega, details weren't forthcoming just yet about Virtua Fighter x esports, although a short trailer was shared. Will it be an online-enabled remake of one of the past games? Given Sega's done similar with the likes of Puyo Puyo esports - or Puyo Puyo Champions, as it's known over here - it seems like one of the more likely options, though we'll hopefully have some more clarity soon.

Virtua Fighter began life in 1993, using Sega's Model 1 hardware to create ground-breaking visuals. The series has been dormant, though, since the 2012 release of Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown - though it's lived on via its inclusion in the Yakuza series' arcades. For long-standing fans of the series such as myself, it's a delight to see Virtua Fighter even acknowledged by Sega - and it'll be fascinating to discover exactly what Virtua Fighter x esports actually is.