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Video: These Xbox One horror games deserve your terrified attention

Plus more from Outside Xbox.

Hello Eurogamers, please enjoy this week's fresh batch of game videos, still hot from the Outside Xbox video oven. This week we have been pondering the lack of decent horror games on Xbox One.

As Xbox gamers, we have long looked with envious eyes at the PC's flourishing indie horror scene. Soon enough, though, we'll have a handful of horror gems to play for ourselves. This diverse bunch coming to Xbox One (or probably coming to Xbox One) will have us all sleeping with the lights on. Yay?

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No less of a horror show are our regular bodged attempts at stealth in stealthy videogames. The latest appears in the gameplay footage below, in which we play upcoming stealth platformer The Swindle, best described as Deus Ex meets Spelunky.

The levels are procedurally generated, right down to the addresses and business names, and your job as one of a gang of master thieves is to steal as much loot as possible from a level without getting caught or dying.

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Finally, Show of the Week inspects upcoming tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege. The game's obsession with smashing its levels into matchsticks makes us think it's got a bitter grudge against the buildings themselves, like maybe a building killed its parents. But it's not the only game that hates unobliterated architecture, oh no.

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We'll be back next week but for all our videos, drop by Outside Xbox on YouTube. Thanks for watching!

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