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Video: Rainbow Six Siege dev talks about other levels, destruction

Also elaborates on why Patriots is no more.

Rainbow Six Siege smashed its way into E3 with destruction-based asymmetric multiplayer and lady hostages for maximum empathy. The first demo of its siege action took place in a highly destructible suburban house in Boston.

Away from American homes with comparatively thin walls, players might expect to find the other Rainbow Six Siege levels less lavishly smashable. The opposite is true, according to technical artist Olivier Couture.

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Other Rainbow Six Siege maps will have "more destruction", take place in "international locations" and remain small: "we're never going to go super large scale", says Couture in the interview above.

The Tom Clancy elephant in the room, meanwhile, was Rainbow Six Patriots, the Rainbow Six shooter cancelled and replaced by this series reboot. In the video above, Couture says the developers' next-gen destruction tech wasn't compatible with Patriots' "vision".

"When we saw the results of gameplay opportunities [of the Realblast Destruction engine], we were like, okay, we have to make this part of the gameplay… so we were like, let's make a new game, let's start from scratch."

Rainbow Six Siege is in pre-alpha and lined up for a 2015 release. For more game videos, pay Outside Xbox a visit.