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Video: Could Far Cry 4 be set in the Himalayas?

Snow joke.

Far Cry 3 was, in critical terms, a bit of alright. A reboot of a reboot (it seems the Far Cry series will forever exist in a cycle that ignores what's gone before), Ubisoft Montreal's first person shooter found an open world sweet spot that made for one of 2012's most intoxicating treats. 10/10, basically.

So it's kind of inevitable that there'll be another on the way shortly, but just how will the series regenerate itself this time around? Internet super-sleuth Superannuation gave some clue when he tweeted a rumour that it'll be set in the Himalayas, and that was enough to get Ian Higton bouncing up and down in his speculating chair. He's been kind enough to record some of the brain-thoughts he had about the game, and has shared them in that little black box you can find below.

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