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Video: AI animals! Level editors! How to fix Far Cry's multiplayer

Does Ian dream of electric sheep?

Far Cry's had a long history of half-decent, half-imaginative and half-broken multiplayer. The mix of open-world mechanics and online firefights should work wonders, but Ubisoft's never quite managed to find the right balance: good ideas are swapped in for bafflingly wrong-headed ones, leaving a strange trail of multiplayer modes that are partly genius and partly mediocre.

With Far Cry's 10th anniversary looming, and with Far Cry 4 looming stealthily on the horizon our resident series expert Ian Higton set his mind in to how Ubisoft can turn fulfil all that promise in its next instalment. You can get the full sound and vision by clicking on the magic black box below, and if you're a kindly sort you can also head to our YouTube channel and hit the subscribe button.

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