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Vernon Kaye hosts Mod War 2 launch

Dexter Fletcher and Black Eyed Pea attend.

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The launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 kicked off with a special event in Leicester Square tonight.

Self-confessed COD addict Vernon Kay compered the proceedings at the Vue cinema. He told the audience that this will be "the biggest entertainment launch of any game ever".

"It's about time videogames got this kind of accolade," said Kay. "Who would have thought a videogame would get a launch in a cinema in Leicester Square?"

Well-known names turning up on the camo carpet, as spotted by Johnny Minkley, included Goldie, Dom Joly, Danny Dyer, Dexter Fletcher "and a Black Eyed Pea".

Also in attendance were Billy Murray (no that's Billy with a Y, as in the man who does the voice of Captain Price). Craig Fairbrass (who played Gaz in COD 4) and Kevin McKidd (the voice of Seargeant "Soap" McTavish).

After a bit of blather from Kay there was a video of some talking heads ("Will Modern Warfare 2 deliver? I bloody well hope so" - Johnny Minkley) followed by a sneak peek at the game. Then a couple of celebs and some plain old gamers took to the stage for a bit of multiplayer, which was punctuated by Goldie saying things like "HAVE SOME OF THAT" and Dom Joly shouting, "Come on Goldie, F*** HIM UP." The winners received a copy of Call of Duty on DS.

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