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Vermintide 2 patch aims to lower difficulty

Buff-buff man thing, yes-yes.

A sizeable new update for Warhammer: Vermintide 2 has been released by developer Fatshark, aimed at fixing a number of issues with the game's difficulty.

The patch - 1.0.5, for those keeping count - includes buffs for all 15 of the game's career paths, making each playable hero more powerful against the game's Skaven and Chaos enemies. The individual hero tweaks are too numerous to list here, but largely revolve around increasing the percentage outputs of damage buffs, while also boosting abilities aimed at damage reduction.

A few changes have also been made to Vermintide 2's Chaos enemies - Marauders have had their cleave hit mass reduced by 25 per cent, meaning they block less incoming damage to adjacent enemies; Blightstormer and Lifeleech Sorcerers have been given a headshot hitzone; and Blightstormers have had their health pools shrunk down by a third.

Most significant for higher-level players, however, are the changes made to the rarity and power of items at Veteran difficulty and above. Chest rewards from Veteran difficulties will now be capped at 300 Hero Power as opposed to the original 200, meaning players will be able to advance their characters further by playing in Veteran before the desire to progress forces them up another difficulty level. Hero Power on Champion and Legendary is not capped at all.

Veteran items can now be gained from more chests (including any earned at Legendary difficulty), and their drop rates have been significantly increased.

The finer details of the patch can be perused here.

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