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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is getting a PvP Versus mode

Get a squeak peak.

You're going to be able to play as the baddies! Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is getting a player versus player Versus mode, where one team plays as four heroes, and the other as four Skaven or Chaos.

But isn't this - PvP - something developer Fatshark said it wouldn't do? Yes. "It's true," Fatshark wrote in a statement on the Vermintide 2 website. "We have felt in the past that as a studio we wanted to focus on our proven strengths - making a great co-op game. We like to think Vermintide 2 and it's predecessor deliver on that goal.

"We have always had PvP as a mode for Vermintide in the corner of our minds, though. In terms of focus, it's been in the 'cool to have' box for a very long time, but in terms of priority, the core co-op experience remained at the very top of our list. This hasn't really changed even with the development of Versus.

"Versus was conceived during special weeks we have here in the studio, known as Hack Weeks. Hack Week is a chance for teams to work on ideas which they believe are powerful enough to impact the company or to focus on a particular product instead of working on the official content pipeline.

"Over the course of multiple Hack Weeks, the bones of Versus was born and it turns out to be really good fun. We feel there is an opportunity in it to bring Vermintide 2 to a new audience and introduce a new way to experience the End Times.

"We wish to sustain Warhammer: Vermintide 2 for many years and Versus is simply one of the many new features that we hope to bring to Vermintide 2 during its lifetime. We also want something for the competitive players, and this is what Versus brings to the table."

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There's no release date for Versus but you can sign up for the beta on the Vermintide 2 website.

There's also a Vermintide 2 sale on Steam to coincide with E3. It's discounted to under a tenner.

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