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Vatican launches Pokémon Go-like game where you collect Catholic saints

Popémon Go.

Pokémon Go has been copied in the past - but never quite like this.

JC Go is a saintly version of PoGo devised by The Vatican which tasks you with collecting famous religious figures to join your "evangelisation team", Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera has reported.

You build up a Sunday school of saints and other biblical characters by going out and about. You'll find them hanging around your neighbourhood, because where else would they be?

Don't try and attack them, though! Your biblical bros will be added to your team if you simply answer some of their questions.

Otherwise, you can trundle around picking up items which allow you to eat, drink and pray to top up your in-game levels for each stat.

One interesting feature allows you to donate to charity via the app and receive in-game funds at the same time. Heavenly!

It's not the first time Pokémon Go has been copied - The Walking Dead: Our World, Ghostbusters World and Jurassic World Alive spring to mind.

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