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The Walking Dead's new mobile game looks a lot like Pokémon Go with zombies

Carl Popplio.

Developer Next Games has revealed the first proper gameplay trailer for The Walking Dead: Our World, its new augmented reality mobile game based on popular AMC TV series - and, yes, it looks a lot like Pokémon Go with zombies.

The Walking Dead: Our World was unveiled in a cinematic teaser at the end of last year, and sets players the task of exploring the real-world in order to battle walkers (as the TV show likes to refer to zombies) "on the streets, in the park, on their sofa, wherever and whenever they want, alongside characters from the show, including Rick, Daryl, and Michonne".

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Notably, rather than flinging your balls at your targets, as is the case in Pokémon Go, The Walking Dead: Our World's augmented reality viewpoint includes a handy firearm so that you can mow down the shambling zombie hordes in classic first-person shooter style.

Google Maps is providing the location data, meaning that, says Next Games, "when new buildings or roads are built, they'll be in the game, creating an immersive and realistic experience tied to the players' location".

Our World isn't the only big-name augmented reality project waiting in the wings, of course. Pokémon Go developer Niantic's highly anticipated Harry Potter game is set to release later this year, as is the recently announced Jurassic Park Alive.

The Walking Dead: Our World, meanwhile, is due to arrive on iOS and Android in Q2 2018.