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Valkyria Chronicles sequel is on PSP

First details and screenshots emerge.

SEGA has decided to put a Valkyria Chronicles sequel on PSP, and not PS3 where the original was born.

Dubbed Valkyria Chronicles 2: The Gallia Royal Military Academy, the sequel takes place in 1937 and follows cadets from said Academy as they try to suppress an insurrection in Gallia, according to Famitsu (and Kotaku),

Valkyria Chronicles presents an alternate reality of World War II, of course - as fans of the PS3 game will know. But in this war, battles are vibrant, turn-based, strategic (if only the real Generals had known) and played out in a pleasant watercolour-cum-comic-book way.

The result ended with plenty of praise for Valkyria Chronicles last October, as our review points out.

Valkyria Chronicles 2 pictures can be found in our gallery. The game is due out this winter in Japan, with no Western dates yet announced.