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Valkyria Chronicles 3 denied EU launch

Sega blames PSP unpopularity, VC2 sales.

Tactical RPG Valkyria Chronicles 3 will not see a release in Europe or North America, publisher Sega has confirmed.

The strategic PlayStation Portable role-player will stay in Japan where the PSP is more popular, according to Sega's console sales manager Hiroshi Seno.

Seno also said a lack of Western sales for Valkyria Chronicles 2 meant Sega could not justify VC3 translation costs, Gamespot reports.

European gamers could still see Valkyria Chronicles 3 as a downloadable release for PlayStation Vita - Seno stated a decision on whether to work on such a launch was still to be made.

In Valkyria Chronicles, players command their troops via a top-down 2D map of the battlefield, before zooming into a 3D, third-person view of the action on the ground.

Over in Japan the game was well received. Valkyria Chronicles 3 sold 100,000 copies during its launch week there, while anime and manga adaptations of the series have also been made.

Valkyria Chronicles 3.

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