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Valheim flint: Where to find flint locations explained

How to get your hand on the early game resource.

Flint in Valheim is an early game resource you'll want to stock up on as soon as possible.

Mostly combined with wood, its used to craft better weapons and armour, including a flint axe and flint knife, in turn further improving your resource gains.

More importantly, it's also required for several workbench upgrades.

This page explains where to find flint in Valheim and what it can be used for.

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Flint locations: Where to find flint in Valheim

Flint is a resource which spawns out in the world, specifically near bodies of water, such as coasts and ponds.

Search on the shore and in the shallow waters for rocks, and you'll likely find flint ready to be collected.

Flint is longer and flatter than stone, and though stone can still spawn around water also, you're far more likely to find flint anywhere it's a bit wet.

Be wary of Necks close by, which are a low level enemy which can spawn around water. Though easy enough to tackle on their own, they usually appear in groups, and can overwhelm you if careful.

If you do die, remember resources spawn pretty quickly - so on the way back to collect your belongings keep an eye on the shore for more flint to mop up.

What is flint used for in Valheim?

Flint primarily comes into play once you have built the workbench.

This, combined with wood, allows you to construct several slightly more advanced tools for combat and resource gathering, including the flint axe and flint knife, as well as flinthead arrows. These are particularly useful to help you take down the first boss.

It's essentially the step between wood-based items and when you start to play around with metals such as iron.

Flint is also required for several workbench upgrades - so even if the above doesn't take your interest, you'll need to get flint at some point to begin crafting useful mid-game items.