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Unreal PT is another impressive PC remake of Hideo Kojima's lost playable teaser

And this one has VR support.

The PC remakes of Hideo Kojima's PT keep on coming - and this one's got VR support.

Unreal PT is a remake of the original PT by game developer and 3D artist Radius Gordello. It's available now for free on and, based on comments from those who've given it a shot, is very good indeed.

Radius Gordello said they spent nine months building Unreal PT, recreating from scratch textures, models, animations and gameplay from the original. Speaking of gameplay, Unreal PT's is near identical to the original's, but the ending has been changed slightly "to make beating it more consistent".

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The question is, of course, whether Konami will, as it has done before, flex its legal muscle and scrub this latest PT remake from the internet.

Back in July 2018 it did exactly that with a PT remake attempt by an enthusiastic 17-year-old fan - but, in a surprisingly positive twist, the Japanese company offered the young developer an internship in the process of shutting their work down.

PT (AKA Playable Teaser) surprise-launched during Sony's Gamescom conference in 2014, and was, initially at least, shrouded in mystery. Supposedly a demo for a larger game of the same name, PT quickly garnered praise for its stiflingly atmospheric, genuinely unnerving take on first-person horror, all the more impressive for the fact it unfolded in a single, tiny location - an ever-looping corridor in a largely unremarkable family home. It quickly emerged that PT was, in fact, a teaser for a brand-new entry in Konami's long-neglected Silent Hill series - one from Hideo Kojima, The Shape of Water director Guillermo del Toro, and reportedly, manga horror master Junji Ito.

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Unfortunately, Silent Hills, as the project was known, never released; it was cancelled in 2015, and Konami permanently pulled PT from the PlayStation Store - meaning it now mainly lives on only on the hard-drives of those PS4 owners swift enough to preserve it for posterity, like me!

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