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Universal Studios' Super Nintendo World looks complete


The scaffolding has come down, the cranes are gone. Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan looks ready to open.

We've seen various photos of its construction over the past year, but this fresh drone shot of the park looks feature complete. Bowser's Castle sits in one corner, opposite Peach's Castle in the other.

There's a towering mountain of platforms topped with clouds and a warp pipe section with sandy pyramids. Walkways lead in and out of warp pipes, and along one path are a series of musical note blocks. It's not huge, but it looks densely packed. Inside the buildings are rides themed around Yoshi and Mario Kart.

Here's the latest photo, from Themeparx and imaiko02.

It's perhaps no surprise the area is now finished - the plan was to have it open around now, ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olypmics. But of course, due to the ongoing global health crisis, the park is currently shut and the Olympics postponed.

The latest word from the park is that it is still closed, and "carefully considering a reopening date while monitoring the current situation".

Universal has announced plans to bring Super Nintendo World to its parks in Hollywood, Orlando and Singapore at some point in the future.

While we wait, Nintendo's idea for how it will feel to explore the park once it is open:

Cover image for YouTube videoSUPER NINTENDO WORLD™ Universal Studio Japan