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Ubisoft reveals Art of Siege

Earn beta access via "online training platform" for Rainbox Six.

Ubisoft has launched Art of Siege, a new "online training platform" designed to get players up to speed on the sort of strategies needed to survive in upcoming tactical shooter Rainbow Six: Siege.

You can sign up now at a dedicated website and undergo the first part of the program, Field Training. If you can prove you have the level head and decision making skills required and earn a gold star rating in five different scenarios, you'll be invited to join the Rainbow Six: Siege closed beta on 24 September. That's also when the second part of the program rolls out. Wall of Tactics will let those in the beta upload video clips of their best moments for all to see.

There's a trailer here, which explains why "no-one is born an Operator" - bad news for all the babies out there, hoping for an early career in the Special Forces.

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