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Ubisoft just implemented a smart fix for The Division's incursion exploits

C4 now, at least.

After days of exploits, The Division's raid-like Incursion activity may now have to be completed properly - Ubisoft has implemented a patch which changes how you kill the Incursion's final boss.

Rather than tackling the game's more widespread problems - how you can glitch through walls or multiply your gun's damage - the patch makes it so you have to defeat the Incursion's APC boss entirely using C4 explosives.

This means you have to get up close and personal to the armoured vehicle, negating the ability to shoot it through walls.

It also means you can't damage the boss using the exploit which soups up your gun's damage per second. Yesterday, a video emerged apparently showing the boss being beaten with two bullets.

That said, The Division players are still calling for fixes to the above issues, which are still affecting the game's balance and player-versus-player Dark Zone area.

And the fact that players have already profited from the exploits - earning months' worth of staggered rewards in hours - still remains.

There's a long way to go, then, but this latest patch is a smart fix to a pressing problem.

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