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Ubisoft replacing Assassin's Creed Odyssey's controversial DLC ending tomorrow

UPDATE: Alters two lines and removes a kiss.

UPDATE 27/2/19: Play through Assassin's Creed Odyssey DLC episode Shadow Heritage now and you'll be able to make clear you are not in love with the game's forced relationship.

But the changes are minimal, and Darius' offspring will still try and cosy up to you anyway. Ew.

What exactly has changed? Well, not much. In the boat leaving scene at the end of the episode the option to make Darius and his offspring stay is now labelled with a heart icon, indicating this is a romance option. If you don't pick it, the cut-scene you get is now edited very slightly to remove one shot of you and Darius' offspring embracing. Finally, the conversation option after the reveal you have had a baby now lets you state "I chose this life to secure the bloodline".

As previously promised, the game's "Growing Up" achievement/trophy has also been re-named. It's now titled "Blood of Leonidas".

Really, it is the bare minimum of changes expected. As for how it looks, here's how the newly-edited version plays out:

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ORIGINAL STORY 25/2/19: Assassin's Creed Odyssey's latest update arrives tomorrow, February 26th, and it's a whopper, introducing, among other things, the previously announced New Game + mode. It also fulfils Ubisoft promise to make adjustments to Episode 2's controversial ending.

Ubisoft took flak for the ending of Odyssey's DLC episode Shadow Heritage in January, when fans discovered that it forced their character into a specific relationship option, even if they'd chosen to role-play as gay - something entirely possible, thanks to Odyssey's inclusive range of romance options - or if they simply had no interest in Ubisoft's choice of partner.

The developer eventually pledged to amend the controversial ending, explaining that it would add the option for the relationship to remain exclusively non-romantic. However, when it first detailed Odyssey's February update, news on these changes was conspicuously absent.

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Now, though, Ubisoft has confirmed that the new ending arrives tomorrow, and introduces an 'adjusted cutscene' and 'tweaked dialogue'. It hasn't indicated whether it will be possible for players unhappy with the forced romance to retroactively select the new platonic version of the storyline if they've already progressed through the episode, however.

Elsewhere, patch 1.1.4 sees the arrival of the previously announced New Game + mode, which can be started once the Family Quest Line is complete. New Game + enables players, as noted in the video above, to carry current progression - gear, mounts, spear upgrades, ship upgrades, abilities, Drachmae, crafting materials, and so on - over into a new game, but with a different choice of lead character if so desired.

Update 1.1.4 also introduces ten new frames for Photo Mode, and an enormous selection of bug fixes, balances, and tweaks - all of which are summarised in Ubisoft's patch notes. Bloodlines, the third and final episode in Odyssey's Legacy of the First Blade arc, is due to arrive in March.

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