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Ubisoft domain Rayman Legends suggests possible sequel title

Rayman Origins to live on?

Ubisoft's unannounced Rayman Origins sequel could be called Rayman Legends, a set of recently registered domain names suggests.

Addresses for and were registered by Ubisoft this week, Fusible reports.

Rayman Legends?

Ubisoft has yet to formally confirm a Rayman Origins sequel, although a marketing survey unearthed last week offered a brief glimpse at the game.

"The sequel to Rayman Origins will feature brand new settings: legendary worlds filled with castles, vampires, ghosts, Greek gods or dragons," read the survey blurb.

Rayman Origins launched last year to a solid reception. Eurogamer awarded Ubisoft Montpellier's effort 8/10 in our Rayman Origins review.

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