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Ubisoft gives its Ghost Recon Breakpoint team an NFT cap

Breaking point.

Ubisoft has reportedly awarded the efforts of its Ghost Recon Breakpoint development team with an NFT Ghost Recon 20th anniversary cap.

After hosting a workshop held to assuage concerns about the company's pivot to NFTs - non-fungible tokens recorded in blockchains - Ubisoft reportedly issued the tokens as a thank you for the Breakpoint team's sustained efforts to improve the beleaguered shooter.

Ubisoft announced Quartz, its NFT platform for big-budget games, last December, revealing that players could resell in-game items with unique codes stamped on. And now it's allegedly using that same platform to gift NFTs to its staff, too.

"With the opening of the Ubisoft Quartz platform in December, we thought of creating an exclusive Digit for you, the 'Ghost Recon 20th-anniversary cap!'" the company reportedly announced to its staff via a statement seen by Kotaku.

"If you want to receive this exclusive Digit [Ubisoft's internal term for an NFT], we will inject it into your crypto-wallet on the 9th of March."

Earlier this week, Tom reported that Ubisoft bosses allegedly believe the company is getting in early on this "paradigm shift in gaming" but its players just "don't get it".

"I think gamers don't get what a digital secondary market can bring to them," Nicolas Pouard, VP at Ubisoft's Strategic Innovations Lab said at the time. "For now, because of the current situation and context of NFTs, gamers really believe it's first destroying the planet and second just a tool for speculation. But what we [at Ubisoft] are seeing first is the end game. The end game is about giving players the opportunity to resell their items once they're finished with them or they're finished playing the game itself.

"So, it's really, for them. It's really beneficial. But they don't get it for now."

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