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Ubisoft says new updates are coming to Ghost Recon Breakpoint throughout 2021

Following January's Rainbow Six Siege event.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint didn't exactly impress when it launched back in 2019 but Ubisoft has stuck with the game, finessing and expanding the experience along the way - and it's now pledged to continue that process throughout this year.

Breakpoint was, according to Eurogamer contributor Vikki Blake, "a broken, swirling vortex of recycled Ubisoft mechanics stamped across a dismal, forgettable world" at launch. However, following a commercial reception as limp as its critical one, Ubisoft announced it was working on a "more radical and immersive version" of its online tactical shooter.

That initial overhaul work eventually surfaced the following year, and the remainder of 2020 brought a Splinter Cell tie-in known Deep Stage, as well as Ghost Recon Soldier crossover Red Patriot. And now, Ubisoft has confirmed its development efforts to improve and expand the game aren't stopping any time soon, and that Breakpoint fans can look forward to "new content to Ghost Recon Breakpoint throughout 2021".

Ghost Recon Breakpoint X Rainbow Six Siege trailer.Watch on YouTube

"We will keep working to add more to the game and offer you all some exciting content for the months to come," the publisher wrote in a statement posted to Twitter. "We are designing the future of our game based on your feedback and throwing in a few surprises into the mix!".

Ubisoft launched the first of Breakpoint's 2021 offerings - a Rainbow Six Siege inspired event known as Amber Sky - back in January. There's no word yet on what the publisher has in store for the remainder of the year, but it says to expect more details "soon".

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