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Two Worlds II pushed to spring 2010

Plus: SouthPeak grabs TNA licence.

SouthPeak has announced a spring 2010 date for Two Worlds II - a sequel once penned for winter 2009.

The publisher also announced (in a financial report on GameSpot) the acquisition of TNA Impact from defunct publisher Midway (now known as Tradewest Games in the UK).

For now, Southpeak's wrestling plans extend only to TNA Impact: Cross the Line for PSP and PSPgo this winter, and TNA Impact: Dual Slam for DS, which is dateless.

Two Worlds II replaced Two Worlds: The Temptation, an expansion developer TopWare was keen to distance from the sequel last summer.

As expected, the brash PR behind Two Worlds II promises something "breathtaking"; something thankfully "quantum leaps" beyond the original, which was average on PC and dismal on console.

TNA Impact, on the other hand, finally provided WWE SmackDown vs. RAW with some competition, although there's still work to do. Our TNA Impact review can be found elsewhere on the site.