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Two Worlds II misses UK release

TopWare a name you can trust.

The UK arrival of Two Worlds II, which has been a farce, has been delayed yet again.

The string of missed dates grows as the Polish-made RPG moves to a slot next Friday, 11th March.

Only last week was the game given a 2nd March date, when announced as an exclusive for the UK.

We can't get hold of TopWare to find out what's going on, but if says the date has changed then it probably means it has.

In spite of a UK release, Two Worlds II has managed to sell over 2 million copies across Europe and the US. That's because it's a good game; Eurogamer scored Two Worlds II 7/10.

Polish developer Reality Pump must be impressed.

Behind the scenes! Sadly doesn't contain swearing.

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