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Two Worlds 2 Pirates expansion PS3 date

PC and Xbox 360 versions already released.

Two Worlds 2 expansion Pirates of the Flying Fortress will be released on PS3 the week commencing 10th October, TopWare has told Eurogamer.

"There was no earlier timeslot available," the company said.

Pirates of the Flying Fortress was released for PC on 20th September and Xbox 360 earlier this week (27th September). It costs a swarthy £24.99 on PC, or 2400 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live. PS3 prices tend to match those on PC.

Pirates of the Flying Fortress brings a chunky new story about pirates and islands. The new content should last you around 12 hours, and is of tip-top quality with full voice overs and dramatic cut-scenes. New weapons, items, bosses, etc. await.

Sounds a bit like rival RPG Risen 2, which docks in first-half 2012.

Two Worlds 2, after plenty of setbacks, eventually launched here on the same day as Dragon Age 2. Despite the big-bucks competitor, Two Worlds 2 held its ground, and the game has sold more than 2 million copies around the world (it may even have done better business than Dragon Age 2).

Eurogamer's Two Worlds 2 review awarded 7/10.

"There is real innovation here," concluded reviewer Al Bickham, "and there are some ballsy forays into game-styles that are way outside the standard tick-list of features for the genre, both online and off. There's also a great deal of absorbing content to enjoy, not to mention consistent, meaningful progression, creative quests, and empowering customisation systems that let you craft your own rewards form a plethora of resources.

"If you can live with the lo-fi elements," he wrote, "there's an awful lot to enjoy."