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Two Worlds II: Velvet GOTY Edition

Treasures plus expansion for October.

A Velvet Game of the Year Edition has been announced for role-playing game Two Worlds II.

This seductive package will be released in October and wrapped in either black (PC/Mac) or red velvet (console). Real actual metal from the real world will feature on the corner of the stylish box and on an eye-catching Two Worlds II box logo.

A "huge" double-sided world map can be found inside the box, as can a "valuable" pirate head pin collectible that you can also find in-game. Attach it to armour boost your character's "parameters". Not sure if this works in real-life.

The goodies continue with an extra bonus disc that features artwork, wallpaper, videos, an extended soundtrack and two extra PVP multiplayer maps.

More to the point, the Velvet GOTY Edition comes with the September-bound Pirates of the Flying Fortress expansion, which fixes nearly as much scurvy content as it adds.

The GOTY Edition also contains a multi-lingual and up-to-date patched version of the Two Worlds II game.

Two Worlds II was eventually released in the UK in March and on the same day as Dragon Age II. It may have lacked the big-budget glamour of its fantasy RPG rival, but tucked away inside Two Worlds II were refreshingly innovative and brave ideas.

Eurogamer's Two Worlds II review awarded 7/10.

"There is real innovation here," wrote reviewer Al Bickham, "and there are some ballsy forays into game-styles that are way outside the standard tick-list of features for the genre, both online and off. There's also a great deal of absorbing content to enjoy, not to mention consistent, meaningful progression, creative quests, and empowering customisation systems that let you craft your own rewards form a plethora of resources.

"If you can live with the lo-fi elements," he added, "there's an awful lot to enjoy."