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Two Worlds II Pirates expansion revealed

Avast improvement?

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A Pirates of the Flying Fortress expansion pack has been announced for Two Worlds II.

All three versions - PC, PS3, Xbox 360 - will be released in September (apparently - scoff). And the add-on unsurprisingly revolves around the scurvy world of pirates.

This new adventure will be "more than astonishing" and feature "exotic flair" and "shocking surprises", promises the press release. On top of that will be new enemies, settings and weapons.

Fan feedback for TWII has been taken on board, resulting in thunderstorms, rain, horse armour, new nag breeds, extra bosses, added animations, unseen cut-scenes and freshly recorded dialogue.

Several new multiplayer maps are to be offered around launch, too.

Two Worlds II, a by-the-book fantasy RPG, had its commendable (7/10 - Eurogamer) content overshadowed by an unforgettable UK release saga. The date slipped more times than a bar of soap, and the reasons why ranged from avoiding a busy Autumn 2010 schedule to physical cargo being wrecked.

Ironically, after all that, Two Worlds II launched in the UK on the same day as Dragon Age II.

Cast the UK aside, however, and Two Worlds II has enjoyed runaway success, selling more than 2.5 million copies worldwide.

A third Two Worlds game has already been announced for 2012.

The first moments you'll spend with Two Worlds II. Bear with it.

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