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Two Worlds II UK cargo "wrecked"

Delayed again! "I can't believe it!"

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A large portion of Two Worlds II stock has been "wrecked" on its journey from China to the UK, publisher TopWare has revealed to Eurogamer.

The result? Yet another delay - this time to 25th February.

Yesterday, Eurogamer brought you the news that Two Worlds II had been pushed back from a 4th February release to 18th February in the UK. And that was after a nudge from a 25th January launch to 4th February.

"We just received the container from China with the Collector's Edition and other components and they are wrecked," TopWare managing director James Seaman informed Eurogamer.

"Several components were just a total wreck and unacceptable for us to give out to our fans.

"We are printing some of these in Europe now and the boxes are being air freighted from China.

"Officially, launch is the 25th, and this is final.

"I cannot believe this but it is really happening!" he added.

Two Worlds II had, once upon a time, been an autumn 2010 title. In fact, Two Worlds II was an autumn 2010 title in mainland Europe, where many versions of the games packed a complimentary, fully-voiced English language option.

SouthPeak - then UK publisher of Two Worlds II - held back the launch to avoid a jam-packed autumn season.

It's a disappointing saga that detracts from what has been crowned an accomplished and ambitious RPG adventure. There's a beefy multiplayer component, which is unusual, and the crafting system is brilliant. And if there can be any positive drawn from the slippery release-date slope, it's that TopWare now has time to make good on the promise of a patch to fix combat issues like blocking and levelling in multiplayer.

What did Eurogamer think of Two Worlds II? "There is real innovation here, and there are some ballsy forays into game-styles that are way outside the standard tick-list of features for the genre, both online and off. There's also a great deal of absorbing content to enjoy, not to mention consistent, meaningful progression, creative quests, and empowering customisation systems that let you craft your own rewards form a plethora of resources."

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