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Two Worlds II "uncertain" for UK - source

TopWare: "We will do something different."

Eurogamer understands that Two Worlds II, the game with more release dates than Henry VIII had wives, may never see a UK release.

An industry retail source told us GAME was the only shop to establish "a trading relationship" with Two Worlds II publisher TopWare. "Subsequent reports suggest that there was a shipment issue with the Two Worlds 2 stock, and it is uncertain if any units will make it to the UK," Eurogamer was told. Fuelling the fire is the recent absence of the Two Worlds II from GAME's website. Eurogamer is waiting to hear back from GAME.

James Seaman, managing director of TopWare, told Eurogamer this morning that "no", rumours of the game being pushed to 18th March are not true. "But we will be doing something different - stay tuned," he added. His comments come after a run of bad luck that culminated with a cargo of Two Worlds II Royal Edition components being "wrecked".

Once upon a time, the UK version of Two Worlds II was pencilled as an autumn 2010 release. Mainland Europe has been playing the game since then and some countries even enjoy a fully voiced English language option. Even the US has been playing since late January, helping notch global sales for the fantasy RPG up to a very successful 2 million units.

So what is TopWare planning - a digital UK release of the PC version only?

Will Two Worlds II ever get to the UK? Eurogamer's positive 7/10 review hopes so.