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Twitch reducing payout threshold for streamers

UPDATE: Live in 117 countries from 15th September.

UPDATE 13/09/22: Twitch is about to launch its reduced payout threshold in more countries.

Twitch launched the change back on 15th July, but only in Argentina, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and Taiwan. Other countries were "on the way in the coming months", with Australia, France, Netherlands, New Zealand, Chile and Peru added on 15th August.

From 15th September, that change will come to the UK, Canada, Germany, Sweden, and elsewhere, totalling 117 countries.

Notably, the US still does not have this change, though perhaps another update will hit on 15th October.

ORIGINAL STORY 13/07/22: Twitch is reducing its streamer payout threshold by half.

At present, Partners and Affiliates only receive a payment from subscriptions, bits and more at a minimum of $100.

That's now being reduced to $50, meaning streamers receiving smaller amounts will get their funds more frequently.

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The new threshold will be rolled out country-by-country, beginning with Argentina, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and Taiwan on 15th July.

Other countries will follow "in the coming months" until November.

Twitch anticipates that over 70,000 streamers will see more regular payouts once fully rolled out.

"One day, we'd love for you to wrap up your stream and already have the money you earned from that stream in your wallet," reads a new blog post. "As we aim for lower payout thresholds, we're focusing on building a trustworthy, accurate, and globally accessible experience for everybody."

The lower $50 minimum will be available through the most popular payment methods: ACH/direct deposit, eCheck/local bank, PayPal, and check. Wire transfer payouts will still require a $100 minimum due to transfer fees.

The change will go some way to alleviate the financial worries of streamers with a lower income from the platform.

However, streamers have been campaigning for a fairer revenue split for some time. It's currently 50/50 between streamers and Twitch, despite higher rates for streamers on other platforms like YouTube.

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