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Trombone Champ pro sets custom track to UK prime minister's resignation speech


A Trombone Champ player has set a custom track to UK Prime Minister's 90-second resignation speech.

If you haven't yet come across Trombone Champ, you're missing a treat. The "world's first trombone rhythm music game", it gives you the freedom to play any note at any time, and includes over 20 tracks, ranging from folk classics, anthems, marches, and classical music.

Trombone Champ - Liz Truss Resigns As Prime Minister.Watch on YouTube

You can also make your own custom tracks as demonstrated by Champer Gloomhonk, who has recently shared a new video set to the dulcent sounds of Truss's resignation, which you can check out above.

Though perfectly attuned to Truss' speech - the visuals for which can be viewed behind the notes - more striking still is Gloomhonk's flawless 487-note performance, during which they didn't drop a single note (edit: I've since been told this has "Autotoot enabled" which is a mod that enables the track to play itself. Boo!) Here's hoping it brings you a brief comic reprieve amid an astonishingly grim week in UK politics.

New to music rhythm game Trombone Champ?

"Honk, blow, & toot your way through over 20 songs," teases the game's blurb. "Collect all 50 unique Tromboner Cards and uncover the mysteries of the Trombiverse. Do you have what it takes to become the true Trombone Champ?"

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