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A modder has added VR to Trombone Champ

Sliding the difficulty (and hilarity) up.

A modder has added VR and motion controls to Trombone Champ.

Raicuparta frequently adds VR to games without native VR support, such as Neon White and Outer Wilds.

Their latest mod is Trombone Champ, the surprise Steam hit of last week.

Watch Ian test Raicuparta's Neon White VR mod.Watch on YouTube

Raicuparta shared a video of himself attempting Beethoven's Fifth Symphony in VR. The display inside the headset shows a first-person view of the titular Trombone Champ and the gameplay screen is projected in front of you. The game is played with motion controls, meaning you have to extend and retract your arm instead of moving a mouse back and forth for the correct notes.

A longer video shared by modder community Flat2VR showed Raicuparta's full playthrough of Beethoven's Fifth, and I particularly enjoy the part right at the end where Raicuparta is worn out from the 90 second track. Playing an instrument is tiring, you know.

Raicuparta, I think you're an absolute madman. A genius. What this ridiculous and funny game obviously needed was an even more ridiculous and funny way to play it.

And thank you for the bonus video of Waluigi. If his gig as a Mario villain doesn't work out, I think he'd fit in well with a marching band.

The controls in this mod aren't entirely accurate compared to playing the trombone in real life, so I'm now hoping to see someone create a trombone mod for Trombone Champ. Please let me play the trombone game with a trombone. I dearly hope someone knows how to make that happen.