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Trion's Heroes of Telara MMO at E3

Fantasy MMO with "limitless content".

Trion plans to unveil a brand new MMO called Heroes of Telara at E3 next month.

The game, a fantasy affair, pins hopes of differentiation on an "ever-changing world" with "limitless new content". This is to be driven by "recurring events" and "unexpected challenges", which will apparently result in an "unprecedented level of rich and dynamic gameplay", according to the company statement.

Specific information, though, is scarce, as are details on platforms and any launch-date projections.

Trion recently embarked on an MMORTS venture with Star Wars: Empire at War developer Petroglyph. Dubbed Mytheon, the game will be free to play and is scheduled for an autumn 2009 release.

Trion also signed a deal with the Sci-Fi Channel to simultaneously create an MMO and telly series to launch and evolve together over time. We've not heard much on this since last summer.

Trion develops and publishes server-based online games using its own internally-created platform. Trion counts two studios: one in San Diego, California and another in Austin, Texas.

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