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Tom Clancy's The Division - How to build the best loadout for solo and co-op play.

Our essential guide to crafting the correct Tank, DPS or Support loadout for whatever challenge you happen to be tackling in The Division.

Unlike most RPGs, you don't have to pick out a class when you create your character in Tom Clancy's The Division, or even specialise as you level up. Your base stats all increase in step with each other, and the choice between DPS, tank, and support roles is governed entirely by the Gear and Talents that you choose equip.

Essentially your loadout is your build, giving you a great deal of flexibility, and even allowing you to swap roles mid-mission. This is particularly handy if you're playing solo, as it allows you to keep a balanced build, while still retaining the ability to dish out death or survive an onslaught when you need it.

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General loadout tips

Survivability is key, so regardless of which path you choose to take, it's always advantageous to add to your Stamina stat wherever possible. Higher level gear can boost two - or even all three - stats at a time, so by sticking to Gear that boosts Stamina as well as a second category, it's possible to beef up your ability to take damage without sacrificing the other stats.

The Armour rating of Gear is important, but when selecting items you have to weigh up the value of additional armour against the other properties of the item. For example, gaining a few thousand DPS is probably worth losing a few Armour points for, but a small increase in XP gain isn't worth ditching a couple of hundred Armour stats for.

It's crucial to remember that when comparing items in your inventory, or at a Vendor, the figures it gives for your currently equipped items include any installed mods. To get a true picture of whether a new acquisition is an improvement over your current set-up or not, you'll have to strip out the mods first.

Don't forget to keep items you're uncertain about or can't yet use in your Stash either. If you pick something up that looks interesting but you can't yet use because you're not a high enough level, store it for later and come back to it when you're ready.

Because the bonuses provided on items are generated randomly, it's impossible to list specific items that are "the best" for any given character style. A lucky roll at a loot drop or when crafting can turn an otherwise mundane item into something you'll be hanging on to for a long time. Make sure you spend a little time inspecting what you pick up in detail, and when you switch to a new item, don't immediately get rid of the old one. Some items look better on paper than they perform in real-world situations.

DPS loadouts

DPS characters should primarily pick Gear that provides boosts to Firearm stats, although raw power isn't everything. Bonuses to Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Headshot Damage, Accuracy, Damage to Elites, and a range of other factors should also be considered too, as it's no good being able to deal massive damage if you couldn't hit a barn door at 20 paces.

The Tech Wing is most useful for DPS builds. The Skills found here provide additional damage-dealing abilities to supplement your weaponry, and the Talents provide passive abilities to boost existing damage.

Weapon mods also play a large part, and perhaps the most critical ones are those that apply to the Magazine. Simply increasing its capacity can raise your DPS massively, as the less often you have to reload the more time you can spend firing. Beyond that they can also provide increased rate of fire, extra damage, faster reloads, and other assorted boosts that can increase your DPS by 50% or more.


Tanks should focus on increasing Stamina and Electronics, as well as picking Gear that provides good Armour values and bonuses to defensive capabilities. Security Wing Skills and Talents can add further improvements to your ability to take one for the team, or allow you to reduce the damage they take. The Immunity signature Skill is particularly useful in the Dark Zone to provide defence during the few moments where you're completely vulnerable.


Support roles demand a bit of everything, but boosts to Stamina and Electronics are the most beneficial here. The Medical Wing is the obvious choice for Talents and Perks in this role, as it unlocks abilities to revive allies from a safe distance, provide passive healing, and assorted other powers of restoration.

Gear that provides bonuses to healing and Skill cooldowns is worth looking out for, but remember that in order to keep other people alive, you need to be able to survive yourself. Don't completely neglect the other general survival stats - if you die then everyone else is in big trouble.

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