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Titanfall's upcoming VR simulator map War Games has been revealed

Touted as "one of our most wallrunning friendly maps".

Titanfall developer Respawn has detailed a map in its upcoming DLC expansion Expedition.

Titled War Games, the upcoming map is one of three new levels coming in this DLC pack, priced at $9.99 (about £6) and included as part of the Season Pass.

War Games is set a militia-training simulated environment that encompasses three distinct sections: Angel City, Rise and Airbase Sierra. "When brainstorming ideas for the first Titanfall DLC map pack, the concept of a level in the training mission simulator got a lot of people excited. Designers imagined a level that was smooth, clean and abstract - a perfect place to design easy-to-read battle spaces and wallrun paths," explained level designer Jason McCord in a new blog post. "The concept maintained throughout development was 'parkour playground.'"

"War Games is one of our most wallrunning friendly maps with a fun visual hook and plenty of space for Titans to engage in large scale battles," he added.

McCord also noted that certain parts of the map will be "glitching out" to indicate that this is taking place in a virtual world. The sleek aesthetic is also designed to make other players stand out more against the backdrops. "On the outskirts of the level, paintball style fields are designed clutter-free to make enemies easy to spot and paths easy to discern," McCord stated.

The Expedition DLC will also include two other maps: Runoff and Swamplands, though little is known about these stages. Check out how War Games looks in the following images: