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Titanfall update adds private matches

Along with a host of other changes.

By most accounts Titanfall is a great multiplayer first-person shooter, but it launched with one glaring omission: there were no options for private matches. That's finally being fixed in its latest patch.

As of today, Titanfall's private match feature has gone into beta. Now you can set up an up to 12-player game populated entirely by your pals. All game modes are available for private matches and you can decide who gets to be on which team.

The downside: there's no XP or Achievements earned in private matches. In the beta, each round will end with the usual Last Game Summary results screen, but these details won't carry over into your lifetime total.

Other new features include new party colours, where your teammates show up as green dots on your mini-map rather than the same blue colour as other friendly NPCs.

Developer Respawn noted a host of other updates and bug fixes in its latest blog update. In short: the Gooser Challenge is easier, the 40mm has been nerfed, the Titan Quad Rocket now holds more ammo and is more effective against Titan shields, the Amped Kraber Burn Card is stronger against Titans, Hardpoint Domination gives more credit to those trying to capture an enemy hardpoint, and CTF scoring has been changed to place more emphasis on actually capturing your enemies' flag and bringing it back rather than simply retrieving your own team's captured flag.

For the full list of changes, check out the official Titanfall site.

Eurogamer YouTube editor Ian Higton checks out the remarkably solid Xbox 360 port of Titanfall.Watch on YouTube

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