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This impressive Resident Evil 3 HD texture pack helps with the wait for Capcom's inevitable remake

Stars in your files.

Given the monster success of the Resident Evil 2 remake, it seems inevitable Capcom will follow up with a remake of Resident Evil 3. Even so, that game feels like a way off - so, to tide us over, there's an impressive HD texture pack for the original.

The Resident Evil 3 - Seamless HD Project - just hit 1.0 form, and, in the video below, shows off the work done so far by its creators.

RE3SHDP (phew!) is an HD texture pack for the Nintendo GameCube version of Resident Evil 3 running on the Dolphin emulator. The footage compares gameplay of the original GameCube version to gameplay with the HD textures enabled. You can switch between HD textures on or off on the fly when playing yourself, as we see in the early part of the video when the menu screen switches from HD to original and back again.

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To my eye, the HD texture pack makes Resident Evil 3 look a lot sharper. But I still can't wait for Capcom's Resident Evil 3 remake, given the wonderful job it did of remaking Resident Evil 2.

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