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This Fallout 4 realism mod makes introduction impossible to survive

We all have our vaults.

It is widely accepted that if a nuclear blast were to unleash over us, we would not live to tell the tale (unless you are Indiana Jones and you happen upon a surprisingly sturdy fridge. Yeah, I didn't buy that either).

However, somehow, the couple at the start of Fallout 4 manage to survive the game's opening nuclear blast, and remain unscathed by the heat flash that would have hit them (not to mention, those looking right at the blast would likely be blinded at the very least).

So, while Fallout 4's introduction is certainly an impactful one, it is not exactly known for its realism. Well, that is, until now. Thanks to modders, we can now start a new game of Fallout 4... and not survive the introduction.

Ian plays Fallout 4.Watch on YouTube

This mod is called the "More Realistic Intro" mod and is just a bit of fun. It comes from UnrealSeptim over on NexusMods (via PC Gamer), and it certainly made me chuckle on this cold, dark Friday morning.

Here's a little snapshot of the mod's description:

"Are we really expected to believe that our character just happened to make it into the vault at the exact same time as the bomb fell? And are we also supposed to believe that just being a few feet underground would keep our character completely safe from the resulting blast wave? No. Nuclear bombs do not work that way.

"Therefore, this mod removes the most unrealistic aspect of the game's intro sequence: the player character's ability to survive it. Now, no matter how hard you try, the nuke will detonate long before you make it to the vault, killing you instantly."

Want to see how your game will play out with this mod in use? Well, just check out the video below.

Fallout 4 but the intro is more realistic.Watch on YouTube

UnrealSeptim suggests "for best results", those in the know already should "send this mod to [their] friends without telling them what it does".

In the words of UnrealSpetim, "voice Chat and/or livestream of their gameplay are recommended for the best experience in this case".

Let's just hope, if you do decide to do this, it doesn't cause a Fallout between you and your friends.

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